Friday, August 27, 2010

Madly in Love with One Piece Anime

I can't recall exactly since when... but definitely it was during my poly days 
when I fell so madly in love with 
One Piece Manga series!!

I could still remembered watching the anime aired on Starhub cable vision when 
I caught a glimpse of about 10 minutes of the anime.
It was awesome; and also the start of me chasing One Piece.

And as a result, I started to collect the figurines and whichever I saw in Comics Connection...
 and this,
was part of what I've had bought during those days...

throughout all these years, I have been chasing the anime still, and recently, 
I've became so obsessed, that I bought so much...

Recently went shopping with dearie at Kallang Leisure and

I found much more at a toy shop La Tendo...

and therefore,

that was the end of story of my savings.

A set of One Piece ship series - including 
Luffy's Thousand Sunny, Whitebeard's Moby Dick, 
Shanks's Red Force, Smoker's Marine, 
 Dracule Mihawk's and Ace's.

A smaller version of ships too; which rocks back and forth when there is slight wind. 

Last but not least, IMPEL DOWN!!
This series is really cute because it features Level 1 to 6!!

Ground Level - Boa Hancock descends...

Level 1 and 2 - where Luffy meets Buggy

Level 3 and 4; the fight with Magellen

Level 5 and 5.5 ; Hee Haw ~ here comes Ivankov!

and finally; Level 6 where Jinbei and Crocodiles (besides Ace)
are imprisoned...

The day after I bought the figurines, dearie brought me to Chinatown Square,
where I managed to find some cheap-yet-cool figurines...
Very tempted,
and I bought 3 sets at a shot! (despite that I did not open the last set yet).

The One Piece Crew...

And another under the "Water 7" Theme..

Finally last but not least,

A gift from dearie - 


This is the bigger version and the most cool amongst the ships... The side compartments can be manuevered;
and Going Merry (edited version by Franky) sits inside it... 
Besides, it comes with the full crew and it shoots canon!!

And so.... I finally managed to make some time and tidied a corner of my 
which is actually the top of my chest of drawers, 
to display them...

Well, that's not the end of it, because now, I'm currently chasing some pre-order collection, 
which launches monthly...



patc said...

i so love your blog!!! i'm also a fan of one piece and i so envy your toys especially the last one!! it's been in my wish list now but it's out of stock on line!! :(

miyavi said...

Hey, really sorry for the late response, and I really do mean very late because I do not know how to maneuver the comments. Anyway, you can drop by which is my updates dedicated to One Piece. I am currently working on blogging back at a regular basis. Hope you drop by soon.